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    If I can't get UDO's OIL for another 3 weeks, where can I get my Omegas from besides eggs or other oils?

  2. recently bought some cod liver oil instead of Flax. It has EPA/DHA instead of the ALA in flax. Are all Omega 3's created equal??? Is it optimal to have a combination of all 3 or is the either/or situation ok here. I've tried to do some research as to the optimal blend but didn't uncover much. Just general posts along the lines of "take flax oil" and "take fish oil". Any general guidlines on minumum doseages as well as optimal combinations would be appreciated.

  3. Nuts and avocados. However you'd be hard presses to find O-3s.
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    ****, so I might as well go with UDO's Choice. Ya Flax Seed oil is good too but don't buy them in capsule form.

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