1. Wrestling

    Hello, i am a high school wrestler. i am a sophomore, i weigh 149 right now and i am trying to get down to at the most 130. i just wanted to know if my meal plan is what is keeping me from getting there.
    Breakfast: fiber plus bar or one hard boiled egg
    Lunch: Peanut butter on a wheat roll
    Dinner: a Grilled chicken breast.

    Also any healthy marinates for my grilled chicken cuz plain it is just gross

    Thank you,

  2. Yes, it's not helping because you're not eating enough. There's no produce and not nearly enough calories to facilitate healthy fat loss.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. well im not gonna lie i dont have too much muscle mass on my body i am mostly fat i had a lazy off-season. but any advice on healthy stuff to eat?

  4. read this

    You need to find out what your basal metabolic rate is (calculators on the internet) and to lose weight reduce calories by 500 or so per day.
    If you eat small amounts of food for a prolonged period of time several things will happen.
    Your body will (eventually) go into starvation mode and reduce metabolism
    Your food cravings will begin to go through the roof because of excess restriction
    You will have a hard time exercising because of your lack of energy

    I suggest research.

    Good Luck!

  5. wow, definitely clean up your diet and add more. You need to progress diet wise, not starve yourself. are you exercising? I was a wrestler in highschool.

  6. yes i exersise everyday at practice we lose at least two pounds just from practice, and i need to make weight soon our first meet is +3 but i want to get down there, i also am running every night after practice, so any help on what i should be eating and how often,


  7. Is this your first year wrestling? I'm not sure what +3 means (3 weeks away, 3 days away?) If 3 weeks you have plenty of time. If you need to buy a sweat suit and run around the day before the meet about 1-2 hours before weigh-in, then be ready to rehydrate before. I don't recommend dehydrating yourself though if you can get away with out doing it... it weakens you quite a bit.

  8. aha +3 means we can be up 3lbs for the first meet, and no its my second year just over the off season i got REALLY lazy and gained quite a few pounds and lost muscle mass and now i dont know how to get back beacause last year i never needed to diet.

  9. Ya it is annoying trying to convince high school wrestlers it isnt a bad thing to actually eat.
    U only lose 2 pounds of water during practice? Either u r severely dehydrated or ur practices r a walk in the park. Up ur intensity or something.

  10. You have to find out firstly that you eat is right or wrong. You have to check out from which food you can burn your fat.

  11. Eat healthy and if you have to wrestle at you natural weight. Also get your parents involved in your diet plans. You need to be smart here and not go to a body building board for advice. Ask your folks to get an appointment with a nutritionist and your doctor to check to see if what you are planning on doing is healthy. Your body is still developing and you need to error on the side of caution here.


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