Sorry...but a ECA stack question from me

  1. Sorry...but a ECA stack question from me

    I first tried SlimExtreme and that was well recalled..So far past few weeks been doing it all natural, and its been going decent, not really complaining. I was always a bit hesitant with doing ECA but now I want to try.

    I'm looking at this ECA stack :

    Bayer Baby Aspirin

    now, I've heard Primatene is more effective then Bronkaid because it utilizes a different type of Ephedrine? Should I switch Bronkaid out for Primatene then?

  2. It really is not that big of a difference i dont think if any at all

  3. Hopefully it won't be to strong at first, as I've never done it before. I'm wondering if I should maybe take half the dose of ephedrine at first?

  4. Half dose for the first few days, then ramp to 3/4 dose for the next day or two, then full dose. A very good idea especially if you are not used to it. Enjoy!

  5. Just so we are clear, full dose is 25mg ephedrine, 200mg caffiene.

  6. Went decent today, I'll up it tomorrow and see how it goes


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