To HIIT or Not to HIIT?????

  1. To HIIT or Not to HIIT?????

    Currently running a low carb diet and have read conflicting reports about doing HIIT during this and some recommend LISS..... I fine doing either of them but given the diet I started should I stick with the HIIT or should I start doing LISS....... The goal is weight loss.... Thanks..

  2. HIIT to burn fat in a shorter period of time (workout time) will also increased your metabolism through out the whole day after workouts...LISS would be good for days not doing HIIT...good luck!

  3. HIIT is deffinately a smart choice as mentioned you may not think your burning that many calories during it but its the time after you burn them which is so great. And i wouldnt see a difference doing it on your diet you would be fine.

  4. so with the lack of carbs I should be fine doing HIIT.... That is good to know..... I will keep the HIIT up... and just let my body tell me when to switch.....thanks for the replys
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    HIIT has proven itself to me since I started it in May. It fact it was a google search of HIIT that brought me to AM. I did a lot of reading and came up with my own protocol, based on the cumulative info. I did not want to lose weight, just b/f. In conjunction with my lifting routine (started in Feb, 09) I have definitely accomplished my goal. I will stay with three 20 minute HIIT sessions per week for cardio.

    This link might be helpful. Interval Training.... YES!!!!!!!!

  6. HIIT after lifting has accelerated my fat loss. Try it for a month and see what happens.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by heavypieces View Post
    HIIT after lifting has accelerated my fat loss. Try it for a month and see what happens.

    Just want to second this. If you do HIIT after you lift you have pre-depleted all your glycogen stores, yet you have a significant GH and T boost from the resistance training. This puts you in the perfect anabolic state to burn fat IMO.

  8. This is a tricky question and comes down to how good your diet is. If you do HITT your gonna be burning up more cals and your body is primarily gonna be looking for glucose but it won't be getting it cause your on low-carb so it's either gonna go for fat or protein. That being said if there's not enough fat in the diet you could be losing muscle and all the gains you've made on weight training could be washing away. You also could take advantage of nutrient timing. Higher carbs around workout times to minimize protein loss. If your on a low-carb diet you can also do steady state cardio. Low intensity is primarly burning fat but less calories. There's advantages and disadvantages here. Advantage is your more likely to hold onto your muscle, disadvantage is your overall calories buring is low. Just some things to think about based on your goal. I prefer hitt for higher carb diets and lower intensity cardio for low carb diets cause I believe the emphasis should be to keep and build muscle at all times. The more muscle you have the higher your metabolism will be.
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  9. I have had the best success with hiit. It really brings up your legs and can blast through your plateau. I do 4-5 16 min hiit sessions a week right after lifting and do sprints on the track on the weekends. It is all about building your stamina and endurance. I started with ony 2-3 hiit and worked my way up. I dropped body fat like crazy on a maintence calorie intake. Also hiit is much better than being on a treadmill for 45 mins. I feel like a million bucks after a good session of hiit. 45 mins weights + 16 mins hiit is my program.

  10. this week I have been doing steady cardio after weights mon - fri.... so far feeling good and a body weight change of about 1 to 1.5 lbs.... measurements remain the same..... next week I wil switch to HIIT mon - fri and see which one makes me feel better.... lets see how this upcomming week treats me...... thanks you all for the input......


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