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  1. Originally posted by crazypete
    hey weiss, i know exactly what you are taking about. last semester i had a whole course on endocrinology. however, according to all the material i have in front of me at the moment (10+ texts, some only on the endocrine system) all of the things that affect the release of GH act on the Hypothalamus effecting GHRH release. if you read my previous post closely (first two lines) you will see that we agree, however, a MASSIVE glucose intake can and will disrupt secretion, but we don't have to worry about this.

    peanuts and milk eh? good call, personally i'm partial to cottage cheese, but then again the stuff here in canada is much better than the stuff you guys got. i was in the US two months ago, could barely choke the stuff down. maybe i can set up an import-export. i send good cottage cheese, you guys send prohormones.

    yeah right, cheers, pete
    Yeah I get what your saying about the sum factors on the Hypothalamus being the key and it would probally be to hard to know exactly what each situtation does.  I also agree its not even incredibly important since the carbs would only be in the body for some time.

    That import idea sounds pretty decent.  US dairy products are a few steps away from garbage.  The cottage cheese I've tried(tried many) was a few steps away from unedible.  Probally over processing and other junk that goes on in this country can be to blame.  It would make a whole new black market if we set something like that up.  Theres definatley a demand on either side. 

  2. hey weiss, like you said, the night-time release of GH is by far the strongest component at that time and is hard to change (except for poor diet, lack of quality sleep- 7-9 hrs the same time every night).

    i think that you would encounter a lot more resistance from the dairy farmers than i would from canada customs (ph's are illegal - classified as steroids here) and i doubt that chemicals are responsible for taste. more likely the way they make it. you might want to try some smaller, perhaps even natural brands which have been around for a long time and sometimes, they are a better price too.

    PS watch out the dairy farmers have a powerful lobby
    PPS and watch out for the hormones they put in cows because it can easily get into the milk and the high absorption.... sorry just kidding if so we'd all be drinking milk by the gallon

    if anyone missed the heavy sarcasm in the last comment please do everyone a favor and jump off a really big building, cheers, pete

  3. i usually eat cottage cheese, but once in a while i will have tuna or whey.

  4. I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to reiterate a point chemo made. There were several people concerned about denaturing egg protein and the like. First, all proteins have 3 levels of structure (primary through tertiary). Primary is just the order of the amino acids linked in a straight chain. Secondary is interactions of amino acids near eachother in the chain (like helix, beta pleated sheet, etc.) through hydrogen and disulfide bonds. Tertiary structure involves amino acids far apart on the chain interacting together making the protein "tangle up" if you will (ie, luecine zipper, zinc finger). There is also a quaternary level of structure which involves the interaction of different subunits but not all proteins have quaternary structure (an important one that does is hemoglobin, heme, alpha-, beta-globin subunits).

    Now that I've rambled about stuff no one cares about I'll get to the point. A protein is defined by its primary structure. Thats it. The upper orders of structure only involve activity. The point is, many things denature proteins: heat, uv light, and, gasp, high or LOW pH (Wow, your stomach has a pH of about 2. Thats low!) environments, but as long as the amino acids are in the same order, albumin in a straight chain or albumin wound in a tight ball is still albumin.

    The points: 1) it doesn't matter if you denature the protein in the microwave because every time you cook anything you are denaturing protein. Thats why eggs go from liquid to solid. The albumin is denatured. 2) Even if you didn't denature the protein by cooking, it would get denatured in your stomach. And after that it gets chopped into individual amino acids by enzymes like pepsin (which ironically are proteins that are designed in such a way as to not be sensitive to the acid environment of the stomach).

    So, nuke the eggs it doesn't matter. You are gonna denature the protein and cut it up anyway!


  5. ^ Uh yeah.... what he said. Nice Jay!

    I'm glad you decided to start posting here. Your medical expertise is very welcome here. And trust me, no one here will mind you ramblings since we all CARE about the science of it, not just the conclusion.

  6. Maybe it was said or not, but what about a little fat like nuts, scoop of PB etc to slow down absorbtion and also slow down the GI spike.

  7. I enjoy a Tarragon-crusted Tuna with Horseradish and Lime sauce

    100g fresh wholemeal breadcrumbs
    10g fresh Tarragon, finely chopped
    1 egg beaten
    black pepper
    4 tuna fillets, each about 115 g
    100 g horseradish sauce
    200 g low-fat Greek yogurt
    grated zest of 1 lime

    Heat oven to 180 C
    Mix the breadcrumbs with tarragon and spread on plate
    Pour beaten egg into a shallow dish and season it with pepper
    Dip each tuna fillet in egg then breadcrumbs, coating it both sides.Place on a greased baking sheet and bake in oven for 20 minutes until brown and crisp
    Meanwhile, mix the horseradish and yogurt together and stir in the lime zest. Serve with tuna fillets.

  8. I'll sub for ideas.
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  9. Sugar free jello and whipped cream
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