Recomp - calorie intake opinions

  1. Recomp - calorie intake opinions

    3years training experience, began at 155lbs.

    Training 3x per week with one of Rippetoe's intermediate programs. I've been eating 3000kcal on 'rest' days & 3500kcal on 'lift' days. This eating schedule has netted me an average weight gain of 1.6lbs every 2 weeks (for the past 10 weeks).

    I would now like to shift my intake more toward recomp. Deficit on rest days, Surplus on lift days, etc... attempt to simultaneously burn fat/build muscle. You know the drill.

    Looking for advice on setting my daily intakes.



  2. I'd say dropping by 400 cals both days will probably get you right about there

  3. Thanks for the input!

  4. i came off a bulk and am moving toward recomp.

    i started at 3500 and dropped 100 cals a week. i'm at 2900 this week, next week will be 2700-2800 and i'm thinking about doing a pyramid every few days, or weekly



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