Sorry, im looking for help. 4 weeks off a spawn cycle, great results. I normally try to gain weight durning fall until Feb 15, then i start my lean down. I gain 3% bf. Im at 19% at 215 pounds. I planned on a spawn on feb 15 to cap the last part of me gaining for the fall. I gained 22 pounds in last one.
My goal is to get down to 9% by April 15th, cardio and diet is find fo me to do, I just feel fat right now and want to know should i go on a mini diet and cardio for 6 weeks to bring down my bf? Or should i stay with whatever i gain until Feb 15th and it is what it is. Come Feb 15 i would start my spawn back again, but i can eat alittle cleaner, so i dont put on 3% again and then go immediately into my 8-12 week lean down plan. If i gain more fat im f*****, i will have to work alittle harder on diet and cardio or, i can hit a short drop bf now . But my strength is still great with what i am doing, so to cardio, i feel i would lose some good strenght.
I have never weighted over 215, so to say if i can maintain this til Feb, would be great. i dont know what my next spawn would bring men next time around, even if gained 10 pounds would be great, but the strength i getwith it is the plus, it would let me keep some quality weight when i start my diet, i may be able to end up at 200 at 9% bf vs. if i start now for 6 weeks end up later at 195 at 9%.
Just trying to see what on a person would think is best. i see my ab's at about 11%, so to get to 9%, i would be hitting my person best on all strength and weight and look, in this questiion that i am asking.
Sorry for the book