Need help burning fat

  1. Need help burning fat

    Im 45 and trying to recomp. I started dieting hap-hazard about 8 months ago and have lost approx 50#. I have about 10 to 15 # of fat left to shread and I started back into the gym about 2 month ago...That part is going well so far. A little history: 6 years ago I was at about 6-7% BF and 190# at 5-9"...doing pretty dam good but my nutrition wasnt dialed. I burned all my BF through my metabollism and the intense WO's. My WO's are not close yet to the intensity to where they were but am looking for an edge to help me get things rolling faster. Im not able to take Yohimbe or strong fat CNS freaks out. Im currently taking Carnatine 1.5 gms/day and 1 or 2 Lean Xtreme/day, and eating semi clean with calorie restristriction. I usually eat at most moderate to sparing amount of complexy carbs if any at all other than leafy greens. The last #'s of BF dont want to go! So my question is 1) How many grams of carbs ( in general ) does it take to produce an insulin response. and 2) What else might I try to boost my fat loss other than cardio.
    I currently WO every other day on a 2 way split. ARRRRGGGHHHHH...need your help Peeps!!!

    All of your suggestions will be much appreciated!!!

  2. t3.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. Ive never herd of T3 until now...but I checked it out and although there are no reviews it sounds very promising. LOL... taking that with a grain of salt what is your experience with T3?

  4. you wont really find reviews on it.....

    its a synthetic form of the thyroid hormone. it is also not OTC, so you will need to research it. or find other places that research it.

    it will increase your metabolism. plus its only like 45$ for like 2 months supply.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  5. Thanks Bro, I will research it... but did you try it or know somebody who tryed it???

  6. I would do some mad research on this stuff, before taking it. Forget about everyone's results. You need to know what to be watchful of while taking it, and learn how it should be cycled.

  7. What are the common dosages for T3? If its by body weight, well then I'm 180lbs. Also what is the correct PCT for T3. After dec. I want to get my bodyfat down. I'm around 12-15%, but before that, this winter I plan on running a P-Plex cycle.

  8. Ok I got it... I first thought you were refering to San T3. Not the case. Not sure I want to jump into a prohormone cycle just yet, I may decide to just stay natty but I will check into it. I used Norandrobolic 1500 by Extreme Labs back in the day and that stuff was crazy!!!

  9. t3 Is pretty risky from what I somewhat understand, the chances of suppressing your natural t3 production is pretty high if you don't have very good understanding of what t3 does to your body. I know a few people that wont touch t3 due to the probable chance of having limited thyroid function after words. Dont qoute me on that, but I'm pretty sure its what i heard.

  10. I for one am a life long user of t3 because of lack of knowledge and not taking precautions. It can be done safely to some degree, just be smart, dont abuse it, and weight loss takes time regardless of what you are using

  11. I didnt really like T3 the few times I've used it. Never had a problem with it, just had better results using other supps and regular cardio. I'd go with a safer alternative like Clen or Albuterol (some topical applications maybe).

    Just my opinion,

  12. Ill pass on the T3 ...Albuterol is as I know it an asthma inhaler... Do they come in other deliveries and how good do they burn fat and how safe are they. Bcuz if its not amazing Ill stay more toward the natty side. I just want that extra kick to bust that last 10# of fat.

  13. Albuterol as used for research projects with cutting, comes in a liquid suspension and is dosed orally with a dropper or oral syringe. Google is your friend, and search AM forums as well. My research projects with albuterol have always had positive outcomes when cutting was the goal.

  14. I've read around that some Research subjects(RS) have seen better results with Albuterol than clen. Clen tends to be considered a dirty stim because its effects tend to leave the RS jittery and slightly unfocused. While Albuterol has a cleaner stim effect. Besides this some RS have found they find better results with albuterol than clen, but clen is more widely trusted compound.
    and like mentioned above me a RS would have to take its dose via orally in liquid form, taking multi doses of a albuterol inhaler is highly not recommended)

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Gonzo14 View Post
    taking multi doses of a albuterol inhaler is highly not recommended)



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