1. Detoxifying

    A lot of my friends have been talking about detoxifying by just drinking green tea, lemon juice, or water for three days and eating light meals (i.e. salads). My question is, does this help in weight loss or does it have nothing to do with that? If it does help in losing weight, how often should it be done within a year?

  2. I incorporate detox protocols into my summer recomps, however it is constant daily approach rather than 2 or 3 days.

    What you have described is included, as well as plenty of lean sourced protein (chk breast, fish, kangaroo.

    Post WO, I make a fresh vege juice out of beetroot, carrots, celery, silverbeet, ginger and pear. I also supplement salmon oil, CLA, and high doses of spirulina.

    My CHOs are also tapered, where my final meal only has lean protein, salads and good oils.

    This protocol makes me feel damn good, I do it for 4-5 months of the year to coincide with the summer period.

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