Need some help here.

  1. Need some help here.

    I'd like to say hello again, seems my accounts keep being deleted not sure why. Anyway, I've battled weight loss all my life. I have been on Phentermine for about 4 months, now. I have dropped from 300 down to about 240. I have felt as if my muscle mass has decreased. I have just recently began going back to the gym. I have limited motion in my shoulder after my motorcycle accident. But, now that i have started to lift again, and use the gym, i find myself to be more on the hungry side then before. Prolly from the excess burn that im doing, and my body requiring more fuel. Since i have seen the loss in weight I've become conscious about gain. I know muscle weighs more then fat. But now that im hitting the gym, how long did it take for some of you who had been over weight to see any results when the scale would start to read heavier then before from lean muscle gain. Here is my intake.

    Sugar Free Oatmeal + 2 splenda packets+fiber = 100cal +2 fiber
    Koeaplingers whole wheat bread = 80cal + 6 fiber + 6 protein
    Flaxseed 60cal
    Butter Smart balance with omega3 25cal

    Gym time
    cardio 45 min = about 500cal
    misc work out 45 min.

    Shake about 25grams of Protein
    Bread 80cal
    ham 1oz 60oz
    Applesauce Sugar free

    9-11oz meat
    plus fibrous carbs

    I can't eat vegetables, this is no lie on many occasions I have tried salad and other vegetables and end up puking. I have no clue as to the reason. I drink V8 to compensate plus multivitamin.

    What can I do in the gym to cut more fat out of my midsection since thats where i carry most of the extra. Also, I have no concentration while im there., I can't get motivated and i believe its the gym that im at. It's Snap fitness but its smaller then the rest of them can you guys give me some hints on how to get my motivation back, concentrate again..Please help, I've been looking on here as well for a good work out regimen. I could really use the help on this..

  2. for the motivation, maybe some hard core music? Also, don't go to the gym and do random excercises. This may be fine for weight loss but if you're trying to get stronger you should pick out a routine and stick to it for atleast a month. I always used the drive to the gym to get me psyched up.

  3. eat more protein for breakfast.

    drop the flax seed and add a few eggs.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  4. Your motivation could come from a picture of someone in a magazine for example Arnold. I ended up buying his bodybuilding encyclopedia because I wanted to look like him or one of his bodybuilding mates. Their physiques back then had a great v-taper compared to today when you see a lot of bulgy sort of guys. Or your motivation could be to maybe impress someone. Say there was a girl you might like or even better a girl you might like that actually works out at the same place and time you do, that should get you motivated for sure.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by soontobbeast View Post
    eat more protein for breakfast.

    drop the flax seed and add a few eggs.
    You could add the flaxseed somewhere else, it is a good "healthy" supplement and if you are using ground flaxseed there are fiber benefits as well!

    More protien though, eggs are a fantastic source

  6. Just some quick thoughts that have helped me...put a picture of someone who has the figure you're going for on your fridge or bathroom mirror....then put a picture of someone extremely over weight...that helped push me to be healthier in my decisions in life...also watch the sugar free stuff, sugar free usually means it has aspartame which is horrible for you...try Stevia, it's an all natural sweetener derived from a plant, its really good!

    For your midsection get a green tea supplement from a health food store or off line, I shed a lot of weight from my mid section being on a green tea supplement...and work out your midsection! Do sets tell you can't do them anymore to fully work your muscles!

  7. first, i'd get a routine. Do your research. If your goal is weight loss, then find a routine that will keep your heart rate up. Pump up the reps, and really work on pushing a lot of weight around even at the higher reps.
    modivation will come easier than you think. Once you get into a real routine, your going to see results fast, its after that your going to need motivation, but anyways, motivation is different per person. personally I feel terrible if i dont get my work during my workout. Its up to you.
    your diet needs work too. Even if your trying to lose weight you wanna make sure you eat. Constantly little things throughout the day, keep that metabolism firing on all cyclinders.
    Also a good way to do cardio is HIIT, and mix it in with your steady state cardio.
    At your weight and gym experience I would stay away from sups really. You dont need it your best friend is going to be hard work and sweat. Its hard dont get me wrong, but very possible and very rewarding.
    good luck


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