ECA stack and alcohol

  1. ECA stack and alcohol

    Is it okay to drink alcohol while on the ECA stack. I have heard every possible answer. Some people say it's ok, some people say its not. Some people say they just skip it the day that they are planning on drinking that night.

  2. i dont want to give you permission to do it, but ive been fine many times on eca while high or drunk.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. Its not safe, but it is fun.

    but its a little different if ur dosing ECA everyday.

    If your not dosing the ECA in conjunction with the alcohol.

    If you do, it does increase the euphoric effects of the alcohol, i notice. Normally, i do not like alcohol.

    It is not safe, but if your a knowledgeable adult, it would not kill you.

  4. well i figure if the half life of ephedrine is 3-6 hours then if u skip it the day u are planning on drinking that night then it will be mostly inactive in your body by then anyway

  5. Id pass, after all youre cutting lol
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  6. yea well im' in college so thats hard lol

    i guess i'm going to just hold off on ECA until winter break

  7. Quote Originally Posted by stevejuice View Post
    yea well im' in college so thats hard lol

    i guess i'm going to just hold off on ECA until winter break
    smart thinking
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  8. It is fun though, id skip on the aspirin though.

    Its the same principle of Red Bull and Vodka but better.

  9. I'm pretty sure your ability to metabolize stored fat is almost nil while your liver is busy processing alcohol. Just something to think about if fat loss is your goal.

  10. Im in college as well... I have drank multiple times while on the EC stack. Not advised, but you can. I would def agree that you feel way more drunk and you're body gets buzzin pretty good (depending on intake). You're liver def wouldnt appreciate you and although u may not notice anything now, for extended periods of time doing this, you could potentially cause damage to you're liver. Just be safe and listen to your body.

    Like stated, cuts won't be as good but I have drank consistent on it at some points and still lost weight. But that was me being dumb and wanting the best of both worlds (Partying and getting shredded) haha one usually has to give to get the other.

  11. im probably on some variation of the ECA stack no less than 300 days out of the year. I only stop when im too lazy to re-up a batch from CVS.

    Use NAC, drink water, you'll be fine enough to use it year-round.


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