Looking for another fat burner....

  1. Looking for another fat burner....

    I had SlimExtreme until they recalled it and got a refund for it, now I'm looking for another one.....I'd like one that pairs well with BSN No-Xplode....no conflicts preferred ....

    Any help is appreciated thanks everyone!

  2. How did you get your refund?

  3. As long as your diet and exercise are on the right track, there are several fat loss supplements that can help you out.

    I've tried REDuction, Shred Matrix, X-Force and Speed V2. I'd say that Shred Matrix and X-Force are the strongest of those four. X-Force is my favorite. I have had the greatest fat loss results with it and I love the intense energy boost and mood enhancement it provides as well.

  4. I'm not sure if you have it where you are, a lot of people has been taking Xenical and I'm trying it out as well. In my case, though, I take it with ampheta restore to increase the efficiency of the fat burner. So far, so good. I'm not sure though if it's okay to take with the med you mentioned.

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