any advice would be great

  1. Talking any advice would be great

    hey i'm 27 years old and hit the gym about 3 to 4 times a week given the opportunity from family/work loads and other daily stresses. i'm currently doing a push and pull 3 day split. i want to lost at least 30 lbs of fat. was thinking of doing Clen/yohimbine/t3 and add to my workout. any advice? thanks guys.

  2. Man that looks like a powerful stack, have you done anything that powerful before?

    Id consider going natural before using anything like that.
    Personally I'd go with L-Carnitine/Yohimbine/Greentea/caffeine to start off.

    Jumping into a stack like that without previous experience can really hurt!

  3. yeah but i haven't used Clen before. there is a supplement that has all three in one pill. done a couple cycles of PH before as well. the other over the counter stuff only keeps me awake while i'm working. doesn't do much for my weight though.

  4. what pill do you take that has clen/t3/yohimbine in it.....because ive never heard of such a thing. Also what is the breakdown of it?

  5. CYX3 (an oral blend of T3, Yohimbine and Clenbuterol)

    Combines the synergistic fat burning power of beta adrenergic agonists) and alpha adrenergic antagonists (Yohimbine HCl), all to add the T3 characteristics of increase the metabolic rate by increasing Thyroid efficiency.

    Clenbuterol - 37.5mcg

    T3 - 25mcg

    Yohimbine 5.4mg

    that's whats in each tab. what do you think? too much? maybe just clen by itself? i'm really looking to get super lean for the holidays....not to eat more..(though that would be nice! lol ) but because i have a photo i have to take with my shirt off....and i just feel like i'm as big as i want to be and i want to show off that hard work i've been putting into the gym u know?

    what ya think?

  6. eat less. 30lbs is a lot of weight, you need to control diet pretty strongly too if you think you'll loose that in time for the holidays

  7. i truly appreciate the input. and i'll control the diet more strictly. do you think the stack is too much though?

  8. sort of yes and no. the yohimbine at 5mg seems pointless, particularly if you are dosing this as 1 or 2 tabs a day.

  9. it's one tab for the first week
    then 1.5 tabs the second week
    followed by 2 the third week then off for 3 weeks....does that sound good.

    like i said before i'm used to just using OTC stuff......i know this stuff is more powerful. but besides getting diet in check and cardio is there anything else anybody got for me?....

    in relation to the stack. should i take anything with it?
    what do you think of the actual cycle of 3 weeks on 3 off?

  10. How long have you been working out? If you've got 30lbs of fat to lose, I would suggest more compound workouts, supersets, less calories, and more cardio. I think after you lose the majority of the weight, then is the time to throw in some thermal aids. T3 can shut down your natty production if you use it wrong.
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by rdinero22 View Post
    it's one tab for the first week
    then 1.5 tabs the second week
    followed by 2 the third week then off for 3 weeks....does that sound good.
    ech. well, the clen will stop working after week 2, and then week 3 you are at 50mg of T3 which is roughly 2x human production which is ok but going back to 0 without a taper down is a little abnormal. I wouldn't buy em, let me put it that way.

    For heavy duty OTC products, you might want to try Mitotropin by gaspari, or Meltdown or Clenbutrx by VPX. Actually too I really liked Liquabolix by Nutra Coastal/Fast Action.

  12. also the concentrated clearshot / thermo gum combo is spectacular to help enable longer cardio sessions.

  13. that really helps out alot guys thanks.

    and to answer the previous question i've been working out at least 3 to 4 days a week for 8 years approx. it could be more. but i don't have the time right now to date it all out lol. but yeah....i work out and do cardio. i'm just tough to get the fat off....OH! i was basing the 30 lb decrease in fat on one of those inaccurate handheld device things that those personal trainers at LA Fitness try to get you to i'm sure it's way off.

    either way. i appreciate it. i might do the clen. but those other OTC products sound very tempting. I did wanna try the clenbutrx figuring they were doing a play on words for actual clen. I'll take all this into consideration guys. thanks!

  14. oh last thing. what's a clearshot/thermogum combo? forgive my ignorance please.

  15. its here

    its crazy. thermogum is great by itself, but with the clearshot wheeee


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