My version of the get shredded diet

  1. My version of the get shredded diet

    Okay here are my stats: I've successfully bulked up to 255 and now I would like to actually see the muscle

    255 pounds
    LBM 205

    225 pounds
    8 or 9 &
    LBM 205
    Fat: 20
    <---This would be perfect conditions with no fat loss and realistically I'm going to lose at least a few pounds of muscle)

    Here is my diet plan ( its similar to the get shredded diet with some minor tweaks)

    Since he recommends this to people close to 12 percent I have made some changes...

    First thing every morning 60 minutes LSD cardio either 4.0 mph on treadmill or zero resistance elliptical
    - pre cardio supplements
    - old school ECA stack
    -30 grams BCAA
    - 2.5 grams CE2

    I will take 2 flax and 2 fish oil capsules with every meal
    - 2 animal paks on workout days
    -1 animal pak on cardio only days.
    -5 grams ce2 on non lifting days
    -10 gram ce2 on lifting days
    - EC stack of 25:250 x1 per day first week, 2x after the first week and possibly a 3x when tolerance has set in

    The get Shredded diet would not have the post workout shake and my ratios would be as follows.
    180-190 grams protein
    50-60 grams carbs
    150-165 fat

    I'm raising protein to 250 grams ( around 1.2X LBM)

    so he recommends a 40/15/40 split of P/C/F 4x a day
    I'm doing 50/15/40 split 4x
    -an extra meal of 40-50 grams of protein pre bed
    Post Workout Nutrition
    - Universal Torrent (50 grams carbs 30 protein)
    -2.5 grams creatine

    The protein sources will be:
    Lean Ground Beef
    Lean Steak ( when I can afford it)
    Sashimi ( when I can afford it)

    The fat will be:
    Primarily from the food plus
    olive oil
    flax and fish oil

    The Carbohydrates:
    1 serving of green leafy vegetables for the first four meals
    usually broccoli or spinach
    small amounts of other vegetables and tomatoes mixed in for variety ( This and the animal pak well help fill in any gaps)

    -The protein will always stay at 1.2XLBM
    -Carbs will stay the same
    - Fats will be consistently tapered down for every 5 pounds of fat a lose
    - Every 14 days will be a carb loaded

    For the workout I'm going to use the Velocity Diets Plan since it's a very good muscle sparing routine when your in a calorie deficit

    Okay, so let me know your opinions. I think this is pretty rock solid as I have a lot of things that will help me maintain my muscle mass ( Creatine, BCAA, ECA stack, 1.2LBM Protein, LSD cardio only, short and intense strength training, Post workout nutrition, ...). The only adjustment I'm considering so far is a half cup or whole cup of steel cut oatmeal in the mornings with blueberries instead of the fat for breakfast on workout days.

  2. anyone?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jjschube View Post
    Frankly, if you are consistent your plan WILL work. On the other hand, adherence will be a bitch, and going from 20%bf to 8-9 is more of a marathon than a sprint. For that reason, I suggest more of a lifestyle change appraoch. IF (lean gains style) works great for me but at the end of the day it's calories in vs. calories out, regardless of whether you use get shredded, intermittent fasting, atkins, ultimate diet 2.0, etc.

    I recommend IF style of eating for long term adherence/results; I was dismissive of it at first, but after trying it, I can't imagine eating any other way:

  4. How has the diet been working for you so far?

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