Help in picking The little helper to my quest of sub 10

  1. Help in picking The little helper to my quest of sub 10

    I'm 5'8" 200.5 ibs at 15% bf. My goal is to get around 10% without a terrible lose in strength and LBM. My question is ECA or Clen (now if you have another product you have experienced great results with i'd love to hear about it)
    I've tried the ECA before using Ma Haung (standerdized for 25mg of ephedrine)
    didn't really workout for me. If I worked with ECA again i'd use Kaizen Ephedrine HCL 8mg tabs.
    As for clen, i know ephedrine raises metabolism significatlly more than clen does, but Clen still seems to be a fan fav. Is there any clone or similar product to clen? that isnt as hard to find? Is VPX's Clenbutrx anything similar to it, or is it just a marketing ploy to make you think so?

    BTw my diet and training are all in order.

  2. bump, any thoughts?

  3. Clenbuterx is something else, not anything like clen except for the name.

  4. In my opinion, there is no thermogenic or stimulant that is the answer to your question. Thermos/Stims give a small boost, which I would never equate to more than 3%.

    However there are other supplements that can be used as tools to help you achieve your goal. But I think they are best used as tools to solve a particular question.

    For instance, if you are having trouble with fat loss in general, your answer would be much different than if you were having problems mobilizing stubborn fat. If cortisol is your problem you need x instead of y.

    What you need will also depend on your diet. If you are on a depletion keto diet with low dietary fats, you aren't going to have much issue mobilizing free fatty acids... But you may be involved in a battle on another front.

    If you are on a low/moderate carb diet, you may need a boost in mobilizing free fatty acids, and the oxidation of them thereof... That would call for a different set of supplementation.

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