Cutting Diet Help Please!!

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    Cutting Diet Help Please!!

    Hey guys, i am going to be starting a cut here in the next few weeks as i am unhappy with me weight. 245 @ 6 ft. I have pretty high body fat and wanna lower that. Can someone put together a diet for me. I dont have a set one right now. A few road blocks...

    1) I am in High School so any meal i eat between 8-3 will have to be something i can keep in my locker or book bag.
    2) I gain weight pretty easily so i know im going to have to stay strict.
    3) Im plan on lift at around 4 PM
    4) Also can someone help me with a cardio schedule.

    Thanks ahead of time.

  2. True74Seneca
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    Meal 1 7:30 AM: 4 Whole eggs
    Meal 2 10:00 AM: Peanut butter and Banana Sandwhich
    Meal 3 12:20 PM: Tuna Sandwich with Rice...or Chicken Breasts with Rice (Whatever i Feel like that day)
    Meal 4 2:00 PM: Protein Bar with Protein Shake
    Workout 4:00 PM
    Meal 5 Post Workout around 6:00 PM: High Protein Meal with little carbs. Green Veggie and Fruit.
    Meal 6 9:00 PM Before bed: Casein Shake.

    Is this a good diet for cutting? I just made it up and wanna see how close i get to a good one. Please critic.

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