my goals, looking for critiques

  1. my goals, looking for critiques

    I had my bodyfat% taken today, caliper method. Done by Mike Grant.

    215 lbs
    12.3% bodyfat
    189 lbs lean mass
    26 lbs of total fat
    26/215 = 12(%bodyfat)

    My goal is to get to 8% bodyfat.

    I'm hoping to lose 2 lbs of fat per week. After 5 weeks I will have lost 10lbs of fat and possibly 2 lbs of lean mass. Then my stats would be:

    203 lbs
    8% bodyfat
    187 lbs lean mass
    16 lbs of fat
    16/203 = 7.8(%bodyfat)

    (obviously the second set of numbers is guesswork)

    diet is:
    250G protein
    ~50G carbs
    250G protein
    ~200-300G carbs

    so basically carb cycling. Once a week refeed.

    workouts are
    -weight training 4-5 days a week(4 day split.. back/bis-chest/tris-shoulders-legs, sometimes i get a second chest workout in since chest is my weakest muscle group)
    -a 5-mile speedwalk 4-5 days a week.

    protein shakes with workouts and to increase my protein every day.
    2.5 G vit c
    500mg magnesium
    1200 mg fish oil
    vit e 800 iu (400 morning, 400 evening)
    GNC B50 b-complex (half morning, half evening)
    GNC megamen multivitamin
    chromium picolinate 200mcg
    glutamine powder in my shakes, and glutamine capsules with meals.
    leucine activator capsules

    most of my protein(aside from shakes) comes from burgers(mostly turkey) or kielbasa or cheese. I make nearly all my meals as a stirfry(kielbasa with broccoli, kielbasa with fresh green beans); i find stirfrying a great way to get my fats(with EVOO)

    ALL carbs are complex, as well as a decent amount from half a glass of v8 juice a day.


  2. Are you afraid to eat some real meat other than keilbasa? Turkey burgers are fine, but what about some chicken, lean red meat, lean steak.

  3. I do eat chicken, forgot to put that in the list in my post. I get the bags of frozen tenderloins or breasts; seems less expensive that way.

    but i don't eat a lot of lean red meat. I have some beef hamburger patties that I make sometimes.

    My wife makes steak once in a while. Too expensive to eat very often.

  4. anybody have some suggestions or comments on my plan for fat loss?

    suggestions on the carb cycling, etc.

    or ideas about how much weight I can expect to lose, etc.. anyone think 2 lbs a week is a high goal when getting below 10% bf?

  5. I would say to space this out to 8 weeks instead of 5. It makes it much more likely to attain your goal and easier to maintain.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. are you suggesting that it will take longer to attain my goals than I thought, or are you thinking I should change my intake of carbs to space out the fat loss?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by drussell4801 View Post
    are you suggesting that it will take longer to attain my goals than I thought, or are you thinking I should change my intake of carbs to space out the fat loss?
    Longer to attain your goals.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  8. thanks for the info... i'll try to keep this thread updated..


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