MY "Better BODY" CKD Keto Log

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  1. Just gonna post workout and macros, going out for my carb up BEERS

  2. Just gonna post workout and macros, going out for my carb up BEERS


  3. Daily Activity Log: Monday, October 19, 2009

    Training Log:

    Diet Log:

  4. Looking good, did you do a weigh-in/BF check on the 17th? I can see the 3rd and 10th figures in your sig and you were dropping weight/BF then.

  5. Daily Activity Log: Tuesday, October 20, 2009

    Day 2 on Size on v2, wasn't as good as yesterday, it could be because I was doing legs (Still recovering from ACL), leg feels about 90% on regular days but lifting it feels as if it were 80% there

    Training: Legs, Shoulders



    • Before Breakfast; 1x Multi, 1x Fish oil, 3x CLA, 1x Alcalean
    • Before Lunch; 2x CLA, 1x Fish oil, 1 x Alcalean
    • Dinner; 2x CLA, 1x Fish Oil
    • Prebed; 4x Testx6

  6. OBF Fall Log: Week 3, Wednesday

    Daily Activity Log: Wednesday, October 21, 2009

    Off day, went to the new doctor with the wife, baby is doing Perfect
    Giving me more reason to get in better shape every day and set the right example.

    Training: OFF/ Cardio!



    • Before Breakfast; 1x Multi, 1x Fish oil, 3x CLA, 2x Alcalean
    • Before Lunch; 2x CLA, 1x Fish oil, 2 x Alcalean
    • Dinner; 2x CLA, 1x Fish Oil, 1 x Green Tea X
    • Prebed; 4x Testx6

  7. You are making excellent progress man. I am still following along and wishing you continued success.

  8. Thanks bro!, I've actually added .2% on the BF and 3 lbs on the scale of combined muscle and FAT! I have only started cardio this week. My last week was concentrated on strength/mass so I don't start looking too skinny, it worked well. My goal for this week will be to get down to 13% even or lower and no lower than 168 lbs
    this is gonna be a tough week but I'm employing Testify/phoenix and C-bolic along with a topical (Liposolv) doing a contest and hoping for major results. right on track for it right now. 1/3 of the way in the contest and my progress is right where I want it to be. Time to kick it up a notch. Contest ends before Christmas and I want it to finish @ 10% MAX

  9. Nice job man! You are very thorough with your pie charts and s***! lol Yea, you should now begin dropping some serious adipose tissue by employing cardio. Keep it up
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  10. New addition to the home gym

  11. Two words, lucky bastard.

  12. LMAO! thanks

  13. This log is now down due to personal health issues arising from the CKD Diet, I will be doing a more regular split aiming for a 40/40/30 diet split on building muscle losing fat.

    My body can't take keto and too many health problems have arisen due to being on the high fat diet!

    A new log will be up by the start of next week once I'm back on track with my health.
    Its getting better day by day to say the least since I've been off of stims

  14. What health problems?

  15. Sorry to hear that it didn't go good. Good luck on your your next plan!

  16. GERD, reflux non stop, heart palipatations etc.
    Eating normal and off of all stims and its getting better,
    not 100% yet.
    will be going to higher carbs (90g) lower fats and very low saturated fats(90g EFA's)
    and 242 g proteinz. starting next week.

  17. I've never had those problems on CKD. Hope the best for you man.

  18. Damn bro. I thought that eating high amounts of fat would give me heartburn too, but for some reason it doesn't (unless i'm eating fat on a regular carb diet). But as far as palpitations, why not just discontinue the stims? Oh well... I'm glad your ok. You don't have far to go- just do HIIT 3x a week and you should lean out nicely.
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.


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