let me start off by giving you a description of myself
im 19,about 6'3 200 lbs. at about 14% bf (give or take)
i have been a fairly lean person all my life and recently i put on quite a bit of weight in body fat (about 20 lbs.). Im trying to devise a workout regime for cutting as well as a solid diet plan. I have some lifting exp. no i really don't know anything about cutting weight so i have been reading up on the science of losing fat for the past 2 weeks. My goal is to drop 15 lbs. and maintain as much lean body mass as i can, but if some muscle has to go i am okay with that because i can gain back fairly quickly ( mesomorph body type )

So as far as exercise goes I like getting my cardio in through playing basketball. I played competitivly all my life and i like to play about 2 to 3 hours worth of pickup games when im doing cardio. My plan thus far is to do cardio (bball) at least 4 times a week and lift 3 times a week to preserve lean body mass, as well as keep some strength and possibly gain some if i can. My exercise plan looks something like this

Monday - cardio(bball) 2-3 hours
immediately following - chest
db presses - 4 sets
incline presses - 4 sets
cable flye - 4 sets
machines ( switch between incline press, pec deck or watever im feeling that day) - 3 sets

Tuesday - cardio(bball) 2-3 hours

Wednesday - cardio (bball) 2-3 hours
immediately following - back & shoulders
t-bar rows - 4 sets
lat pull downs - 3 sets
close grip pull downs (w. handles) - 3 sets
lat machine or cable rows - 2-3 sets (sometimes ill cut this out as this is the longest/most intense lifting day for me)

shoulder db presses - 3 sets
upright rows - 3 sets
side dumbell raises - 3 sets
bent over side raises or reverse flyes (something for the rear delts) - 3 sets

sometimes i will take out the upright rows and put in something extra to hit the rear delts as i try to focus on them during my shoulder workouts

Thursday - cardio (bball) 2-3 hours

Friday - cardio (bball) 2-3 hours

immediately following - bi's and tri's

seated db curls - 4 sets
preacher chair machine curls (one handed) - 4 sets
close grip curls - 4 sets

one handed extensions w. handle - 4 sets
rope extension - 4 sets
pushdowns - 4 sets

Saturday - rest (maybe incorporate some bball)

Sunday - rest (maybe incorporate some bball)

I might switch up the order in which I do my cardio depending on how I feel that day, but i will make sure to get in a bare minimum of 3 cardio sessions per week.

As far as diet goes, I used this calorie calculator (freedieting dot com)to get an estimate on my BMR and how many calories i should digest in order to lose weight. It says for weight maintenance i should digest 2900 calories a day, for fat loss 2450 cals a day, and for extreme fat loss 1750 cas a day. Considering my exercise plan I would like to consume about 2000-2200 cals a day and eat extremely clean ( cut the salt and sugars as much as possible )

I will be devising a meal plan in writing, including a calorie count later today or tomorrow and i will post as soon as this gets done. I will be eating mostly eggs, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, chicken breast, brown rice, bananas, apples, cottage cheese.

Plz critique this cut plan as much as possible as I do not know much about cutting except what I have learned from research I have done this week by reading and trying to cram as much as possible.