Clenviscerate + Dermacrine = Dermaviceratubol

  1. Clenviscerate + Dermacrine = Dermaviceratubol

    Hey guys i want to undergo a fat burning cycle. i plan to be on a strict diet and excersice regulary but i want an extra boost. so i have bought eviscerate and i want to combine it with clen (from the clenviscerate thread) and dermacrine (from pp) i want to mix them all in the eviscerate bottle and use it 2x a day for 4 weeks. Do you think i would be able to lose a decent amount of fat topically with this stack or is adding the dermacrine overkill?
    My stats:
    Height: 6ft
    Age: 18
    Weight: 198
    Bf: 18%
    I want to get to 10%

    Thanks a bunch and any help is usefull!!

  2. im 99% sure you would overload the clenviscerate and it wouldnt get absorbed at all.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. ok cheers for quick response! but could i then instead mix the clen and evicerate in the eviserate bottle and then just pump the dermacrine and apply it after instead of mixing it!??

  4. sorry i ment to change that to DERMATHERM not dermacrine!!!!!!!!

  5. I highly suggest that you work on reducing your overall bodyfat to at least 12% before trying the topical (Clenviserate) to finish up the problem areas.

    Is the Dermatherm you have the original version, or is the new Dermatherm Target? If it's the old version, I wouldn't recommend using it at 18.

    As for the Clenviscerate, I highly suggest mixing the clen with the Eviscerate at each dose rather than putting it all in one bottle so you can get a precise measurement. Clen is just too dangerous of a chemical to not measure accurately.



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