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weight training and cardio questions

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    Talking weight training and cardio questions

    i was wondering if its better to do cardio before or after weight training sessions? i play basketball for cardio and was wondering if i should incorporate something on the treadmill/bike. im 6'3 and weight about 200. i havent gotten my body fat tested since july, back then i was 180 at 10 percent but since then i have quit smoking and havent lifted so i put on a lot of fat.

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    After, Reason being is you want to be primed for weight lifting and cardio before hand will take some energy out of you doing it before hand. A 5 minute warmup run won't hurt but anything beyond that and your going catabolic! Also, Make sure to hit the weights hard so you're only able to do cardio at a low intensity steady state for about 20-30 minutes.

    Good luck with the routine bro!

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