On a cut phase, have a few questions plz

  1. On a cut phase, have a few questions plz


    I am currently taking Slim Xtreme along with Sesamin and Flax seed oil for my cutting month. My diet is very clean. I was just wondering if it's any use to take CLA and ALA along with my current supplements or am I over doing it and wasting my money?



  2. i dont like CLA not enough evidence it does for what its worth.
    i would add a cortisol bloacker and maybe a test booster

  3. CLA has been proven effective at about 8-10 grams per day for the average 200lb individual. See you're at 170 which would bring you down into the 6-8g category.
    Most CLA tabs contain 78-82% CLA! so if you're looking at getting the most benefit from it you would need to get roughly 8-10 capsules per day.

    That to me is an expensive addition to the stack you already have.

    I myself have used CLA and have recently found this information out after being thickheaded for a while running on it for a year and no added benefits!

    Good luck with your dieting goals, IMO, don't do it I am finishing my last bottle that I'll ever use this month!

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