Recomp Cycle and diet

  1. Recomp Cycle and diet

    Now after all the bulk I want to cut BF and hold/gain new LBM.
    Here is my plan:

    Week 1: 60mg Tren 100mg Epi 50mg Test Propionat ed
    Week 2: 60mg Tren 100mg Epi 50mg Test popi ed
    Week 3: 150mg Tren 50 mg Test propi ed
    Week 4: 150mg Tren 50mg Test propi ed
    Week 5: 60mg tren 30mg SD Test propi ed
    Week 6: 60mg Tren 30mg SD 50mg test propi ed
    Week 7: 150mg Tren 50mg Test propi ed
    week 8: 150mg Tren 50 mg test Propi ed

    (the Tren will be Trenavol by Chaparral Labs and the SD m-drol by Cel)
    pCT: Clomid/Nolva (100mg/20mg) for 4 weeks

    Cals will be at maintance as I try to Recomp
    Carbs: 30% Fat:25% Protein: 45%
    Try to eat as clean as possible(lots of "natural" food).

    Supps I will use:
    Gaspari Mititropin @ 3caps a day(If I try to increase to 4 I really get lethargy and get moody and really feel "strange")
    ECA Stack (30mg Eph per day)
    DS Lean FX @ 3 caps a day


    Weight Training will be @ 6 days a week, Cardio every day (min. 30 minutes per day)

    I started today, all suggestions are welcome.
    I was inspired by Trauma1 who had an amazing recomp, hope mine will be as good

  2. that sounds so hardcore. jesus good luck

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