Different approaches to retaining LBM after a crash diet

  1. Different approaches to retaining LBM after a crash diet

    Hey guys id like some opinions on this..

    I am already set on the diet, so i dont want any comments on that, but what would you prefer if trying to hold on to LBM as much as possible with this type of diet?

    Diet: 300g protein, 50g carbs, 20-30g fat.
    Alternative 1: 10mg epi for 6 weeks, low cal week 1-5 and moving to maintenance week 6.

    Alternative 2: run 20mg of epi weeks 3,4,5 (nothing first two weeks) and then 2 weeks 10(wk1) 20mg(wk2) mdrol

    alternative 3: nothing during, after: 3 weeks 10-20mdrol/10mg epi cycle

    I respond extremely well to both epi and mdrol (gained 8 keeper kg last mdrol cycle in 3 weeks)

    I know its a muscle wasting diet in many ppls mind but id like to have discussion on the steroids instead of the diet please.

    Oh yeah and for the record im 111-112kgs, 6'4. squat 200+ DL 210 Bench around 130kg

  2. Forgot to mention that i will be on slightly above maintenance Kcal whenever im taking mdrol

  3. What's your goal and why are you going to intentionally run a muscle wasting diet? You are 6'4" and over 220lbs. Why do you think 1700 cals is a good idea, which is what your macros total up to.

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