Fat gain after clen?

  1. Fat gain after clen?


    For the guys who have used clen - do you notice that it is harder to continue to lose weight after stopping clen or during off time to let your receptors recouperate - ie does your body get used to the extra calories it is burning while on clen then when you come off it you then plateau or gain weight even if you try to continue to lose weight?

    I started cutting in July at 103kg and by end Aug I was 94kg but the whole of September I did not lose weight so I waited to use clen once when I plateaud and started this week and just want to find out if I should continue to use it after my 1st 2 weeks or just use it to break plateaus?


  2. Clen speeds up your metabolism. When you discontinue it, your metabolism goes down.
    IMHO, you should take a break.

  3. I am with Timan, Id take a break from it and try something else. Up the protein if your not already to saturation point you will see the difference sooner than later

  4. I understand clen works only for 2-3 weeks before the body adjusts, in which case I am with Prodigy & Timan, clear the receptors and take a break, protein intake should be high while on clen, as I have experienced it quite catabolic to muscle.

  5. i just got off CLEN and am on black powder. never go cold turkey common biology

  6. Thanks for the replies - I meant whether I should continue to use it in 2 week on / 2 week off cycles continiously or should I use it as a plateau breaker - I did the later and only used it for a week and dropped another 1.5kg (about) and I am back to normal weight loss per week (1-1.5kg per week).
    Thanks for the replies anyway.

  7. i did 2 on 1 off

    on off week i used benedryll for recovery

    worked good.


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