hey guys hows this cut/cleasn bulk diet look

  1. hey guys hows this cut/clean bulk diet look

    Meals 1-5

    1) oatmeal/ 1 scoop protein/ few almonds/ tbsp natty peanut butter

    2) protein bar/ whole orange

    3) Tuna pack/ protein shake

    4) 2 chicken breasts/ green string beans

    5) protein shake/ tuna pack/ tbsp natty PB

    Total calories = round 1800

    Total Protein = 163

    Total carbs = 95

    I might throw in an extra protein shake before bed, also all shakes are with water.

    What do you guys think

  2. also throwin in CLA's and Alpha Lipoic Acid

  3. Hey I am going to use this! I am trying to cut, and I know diet is 80-85% of the deal...I'm great with my cardio and weight lifting though!

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