So i am going on a cut for the next month. Am i using the right supps? also am i doing the right diet! Ill explain. my goal is to beable to see my abs and get cut arms without losing size. I am 5'9" 173lbs about 14-16%BF

    My supps

    Anobolic pump (try to use 3 times a day)
    Animial CUTS
    POWERFUL before bed and before workout
    fishoil twice a day

    My diet is basic and only three meals a day

    breakfast green tea with a 100 calorie bar

    buffallo burger (no bun) lil ketchup green tea some natt peanut butter (2tbls)

    usally some chicken brocllii green tea

    I am only eating about 1400-1800 calories a day.

  2. That's more like 800-1000 calories.

  3. Well, whats your workouts look like, cardio ect. If your training everyday, or close to it, this is way too low calories, specially if your dropping to that calorie intake. Your body is going to do into "starvation" mode. Meaning metabolism comes crashing down, and your body starts breaking down the easiest things it can, thats right your lean mass. (breaking down stored fat is very hard for your body to do)
    You should eat more small meals throughout the day, will help you with fighting hunger and the starvation mode. cals should be 500 or so below maintance.

  4. Gonzo is right, your causing more fatigue with a decrease in metabolic activity. Good thinking with the buffalo burgers etc... but you gotta be eating more and more often. There is a good reason why top athletes eat 5-6 small meals a day. Get a solid meal plan with a good balanced workout and you will see results much faster and feel 800x better. Good luck

  5. Just like people before me said, You gotta eat more often, think of your metabolism like a fire burning/ without adding wood to the fire, the fire will go out.

    Try to avoid ketchup, when on a cut you always need to avoid HFCS! All ketchup nowadays seems to have it!
    Good Luck.

  6. I always forget ketchup and other condiments may be harmful to my diet. The carbs and stuff easy to spot I can stay clear of but I seem to dismiss the condiments. Thanks for reminding me riplean


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