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    I like to use a coffee grinder to ground raw oats into a powder. Throw that in with your protein shake and it mixes pretty good.
    Bump on that Tool. That's exactly what I do.

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    I've been adding uncooked oatmeal in my pwo shake, but I've also been putting in a couple pieces of raw fruit as well. I understand it's fructose, and doesn't give a quick benefit to muscles. But I like to put it in for the sake of the natural source of vitamins/micronutrients that we get from eating fruit.

    Aside from the vitamins/micronutrients angle, is this a bad practice in any sense from a fat accumulation perspective?

    Thanks bro. And great thread btw.

  3. this might be totally irrelevant but why not combine them both, such as if one ingested 60grams dex or 60grams oats, just use both, 30g dex and 30g oats post workout.


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