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  1. Well, I know Bobo and I will agree on this:

    If you are doing something now that is working just fine for you, keep it as is. If you wish to experiment w/other ways, then you can do so, but just remember what has always worked for you so that you may come back to it.

    Science helps us, yes, but there are always exceptions to the rules and sometimes the way things work for some and not others is totally unexplainable. Stick w/what works for you if you are getting results, and if you aren't, simply try something else.

    I'll experiment w/my programs and altering carbs pwo by way of no dextrose, total dextrose, 2nd high GI meal or make it a low GI meal, etc. etc. I'll do this AFTER I am done prepping for pics, because my pwo fest which does utilize dex and carbs in the second pwo meal, has never failed to get me in great shape. So, I am going with that for now for this next round of pics.

    After that, I'll experiment, as being that I help 100's, and they are all successful, I may be able to even make the trips of success they see, even quicker. Who knows, but I'd be silly for not giving it a shot, it only serves to make what I do/teach better, and I've already got an impeccable track record. So, as Bobo said, you have absolutely nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

    Hope that helps to ease your anxiety over the gatorade issue.



  2. I agree with that too. It was just a light-hearted way of saying that you both make great arguments and this has been a good read.

  3. I know, we suck don't we!



  4. Bobo and crew.

    I am a new poster to the board. I have been around a long time, but until today, didnt have much to add to the brain trust you guys have here. Great board BTW.

    I have read this thread with much interest and I hope your still following it.

    My question is this:

    What is your LOW GI carb/pro PW meal consist of. I seem to fall into the "put on fat easy camp." When I was young I could EAT ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I saw without gaining fat OR MASS. Today, being 34...I look at food during a mass up phase and plump up like a dough boy. I have been trying to figure out WHERE the fat gain comes from and I have isolated it to the PW drink. I, like MOST everyone in here, have been doing the fast carbs w/ protein after the workout. As soon as I start that phase of my training I start to put the fat on real fast. So to make a short story really long, I agree with you completely about the PW drink consisting of the fast carbs is NOT needed and can lead to fat gain. Still, that Is what evryone says you NEED to do. So I still do it. But...something has got to change in my philosophy so I dont get fat. I was thinking about apples with protein after the workout, then 1-2 hours later, repeat with LOW GI carbs and protein again.

    Yours and anyones comments are appreciated.

  5. I like to use a coffee grinder to ground raw oats into a powder. Throw that in with your protein shake and it mixes pretty good.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TooL
    I like to use a coffee grinder to ground raw oats into a powder. Throw that in with your protein shake and it mixes pretty good.
    Bump on that Tool. That's exactly what I do.
  7. PC1
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    I've been adding uncooked oatmeal in my pwo shake, but I've also been putting in a couple pieces of raw fruit as well. I understand it's fructose, and doesn't give a quick benefit to muscles. But I like to put it in for the sake of the natural source of vitamins/micronutrients that we get from eating fruit.

    Aside from the vitamins/micronutrients angle, is this a bad practice in any sense from a fat accumulation perspective?

    Thanks bro. And great thread btw.

  8. this might be totally irrelevant but why not combine them both, such as if one ingested 60grams dex or 60grams oats, just use both, 30g dex and 30g oats post workout.


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