Albut / T3 / Keto Combo, suggestions please

  1. Thumbs up Albut / T3 / Keto Combo, suggestions please

    I decided that I was going to try a Albut,T3, Keto combo for fat loss and I'm curious as to some of the results any of you have had as well as your suggestions for the dosages and cycling for the maximum results. Openly, I'm new to this and like anytime I'm about to do something new I always like to have a bit of research done first.

    What a few of my friends have suggested is to pretty much just go with what they did, which was 1 ML in the morning and 1 ML in the afternoon with the Albut. And when you do the second ML in the afternoon do 1 ML of the T3 at that time. And to go 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off unless you use the Keto as well.

    Idea's please?

  2. I've also used the search feature and read the other articles, but im curious about people who've already tested this out with Alb/T3. I've also read about Triax, and I've considered that but I haven't been able to find a source.

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