starting over after 19 years

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  1. still at it. i've backed off the calorie restriction lately however I'm still hitting the gym at least 3x per week. Started running. I'll post some pics soon.


  2. OK after letting my eating habits get all out of whack I took a picture yesterday and all I can say is ****. OK starting to log again and post pics every two weeks.
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  3. Yesterdays workout and food.

    Chest, tricepts, abs and cardio

    dumbbell press 55x10, 60x10, 65x10x2
    incline dumbbell press 40x10, 50x10x3
    fly machine, 80x10, 90x10, 100x10x2
    tricept extension back to machine 60x10, 70x10, 80x10x2
    single arm reverse push down 30x10x4
    push ups 15x4

    ran 3 miles up steep hills (took about 30 min.)

    2 hr vigorous sex I count that...

    1954 calories (target was 1824)

    fat 70g
    carbs 124g
    protein 208g


  4. Back in the gym tomorrow after two days off. My schedule is crazy right now.

    1800 calories


  5. still going strong. been cutting a bit lately. started some cross fit. at 225 lbs trim and loving life.


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