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  1. Quick question

    What's is HIIT?

  2. High Intensity Interval Training. It's a short form of training (no more than 20 minutes) that focuses on short sprint intervals (or a similar high effort cardiovascular activity) followed by a jog (or a similar medium effort cardiovascular activity). For example:

    4 minute warmup jog
    30 second sprint - 30 second jog (this is one "rep", so you'd want to do that maybe three-four more times when beginning a HIIT program)
    4 minute cooldown jog

    As time goes on you could add more reps in to your HIIT, or change it up to something like 20 second sprint / 10 second jog reps. There's plenty of different methods you can try.

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    Quick read on HIIT.

    Interval Training.... YES!!!!!!!!

  4. Thnaks guys appreciate it, I may have to try that sounds like what we use to do in wrestling, good to know

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