Post your pre/post workout nutrition regimens...

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  1. I think you found it and ran right over it

  2. That line is usually only visible to those outside of the situation.

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  3. I never even saw a line

  4. This is certainly the biggest thread ive ever started. Thanks for all the good info boys, keep it comin....

  5. I think I've posted my regimen prior, but I've revised it, so here it goes:

    Wake-1.5 cups oatmeal, 2 cups skim milk, 1 scoop whey. Then, I take 600mgs ALA. Then I train, PWS-one-third cup dextrose, 45g whey, 600 mgs ALA, 3 liver tabs. 45 min later-1.5 cups oatmeal, 1 cup cottage cheese, 1 cup pineapple, 2 cups skim milk. There you have it.

  6. I don't remember seeing the line. It was too long ago when I crossed it. My whole day is just about that busy, not just around my workout.

    Your a pretty busy guy too scotty.

  7. indeed, sir

  8. Pre-Workout: Don't do anything special, usually just some slices of bread for the carbs...

    Post-Workout:Fill one Bottle up with 2 Scoops Syntrax Nectar 46 G Protein...then fill another bottle with 2 cups of a fruit juice(Grape, Apple, Lemonade, Orange, etc.) and 5-7 G Creatine.

    I have a bag of Dextrose from NOW Nutrition, do you think it would be more beneficial for me to add some dextrose to the bottle of juice with creatine in it, and if so how much because usually it already contains 50 g of carbs.

  9. boy howdy ... sure did find this one late...

    bulking, preworkout: muscle milk strawberry, really preworkout is the only time I would ever use it but damn... works wonders, great workouts with the ole muscle milk...

    cutting, maint., and bulk, post w/o: whey and dex baby...

    by the way, somebody earlier said...

    Originally posted by true_c
    you guys dont need any more than 20g - resolute, that 50g ur takin, definately too much. ur body just isnt goin to use that much. it cant.
    yeah, I take issue with that one
  10. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    1 hour Pre-Workout
    eca (sometimes) + 1000mg VitC
    Oatmeal, flax & 1 x 100% Optimum

    5g Glutamine (until finished)

    1 MultiVit, 1000mg VitC
    GlycoLoad, 1 x 100% Optimum, 1/2 x VP2, 5g Creatine, 5g Glutamine

    30 mins later
    Opt 2222 Amino Tab
    chicken & oatmeal


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