Smooth transition from ckd to bulk?

  1. Smooth transition from ckd to bulk?

    I was wondering if someone who ran the ckd eased back into regular dieting. Did you immediately jump back up to maintenance calories? How slowly did you reintroduce carbs into the day? Should I lift a couple weeks at maintenance, rather than going from a deficit to over on the calories? appreciate any advice, thanks.

  2. well, as far as carbs go, you can do a full carbup then go back to your normal carb levels after that immediately. As far as total calories, i'd try to ramp them up relatively slowly, adding 250 calories a week. remember too your maintenance now that you've lost some fat is going to be a little lower than it used to be

  3. It depends on what kind of bulk you're looking to do as well. There are low carb bulk plans, I'm pretty sure palumbo has a few and there is one listed in the anabolic diet. If you're looking for a carb rich bulk, you can do like Easy said.

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