Anyone know of lowfat/fatfree dressing....

  1. Anyone know of lowfat/fatfree dressing....

    Anyone know of lowfat/fatfree dressing that doesn't taste like absolute ass. I need it for my tuna salads, i dont think my normal ranch dressing is too healthy.

  2. Try "Lite Done Right" dressings, I think made by Kraft. They have all types & it tastes just like the regular dressings. They are not fat free, but only about 5g per serving. I cant stand the fat free ones. The Cucumber Ranch is damn good.

  3. thanks i'll try it out

  4. got a real good one for you bro. Walden Farms bro. Its a no calorie (hehe) no carb, no sugar salad dressing. comes in every flavor you can think of and it taste damn good.

  5. newmans vinegar and oil dressing is suppose to be made with good fats so check that one out

  6. I like krafts lowfat italian dressing on pretty much anything try marinating chicken breasts with it, its awesome. Last summer I cooked and froze over 200 chicken breasts in italian dressing and it was the best diet decision ive ever made.

  7. there is something called "just 2 good" i forget which of the companies makes it..but its only like 2grams fat per serving and is a lot better then the others....I would reccomend it.


  8. Beware that all those "low fat" or "reduced fat" preparations have SUGAR in the place of fat to make up for taste.

    That's not very ideal. As well, nothing like the real stuff! Watch the carbs w/the meal you utilize the real stuff with, and you've nothing to worry about. The reduced fat variety that have both sugar AND fat in them, are probably the worst ones you can eat.



  9. Try out Wish Bone's new Carb Options salad dressing. It has 8 grams of fat perserving but no carbs because it is sweetened with splenda. Not bad stuff.

  10. also the just 2 good..only has 2 grams of sugars also....

    2 g fat..2g sugar...wonder where they got the name?



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