Tapering Lean Extreme?

  1. Tapering Lean Extreme?

    Into my 3rd week of LX at 3 caps ED. I was wondering if tapering down the dose over the last week or so help stop a cortisol rebound? Anybody have experience doing this?

  2. I don't believe that Lean Xtreme is cortisol suppressive, so there shouldn't be any rebound. Unless I'm mistaken, Lean X works by blocking some of cortisol's actions rather than preventing its secretion. Cortisol isn't all bad ya know!

  3. I know cortisol has its benefits but i just wanted to check whether there would be much of a rebound as this is the first time i've used such a supplement and don't want another factor helping to pile on the pounds when i come off this stack soon. cheers

  4. did you lose weight while on this supp?

  5. How much weight have you lost so far?

  6. i lost 14 pounds on the stack of dcp, DTHC, glycobol, CLA and this in just over 4 weeks. But i did introduce carb cycling to diet but this is with little to no cardio so i definitely think it worked, and didn't lose any strength in the process.

    Only downside with lean xtreme was aching ankle joints in the mornings so some days i dropped the dose to 1 a day.

    thanks for taking an interest


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