BOHICA's Log of Lean

  1. BOHICA's Log of Lean

    I haven't posted on AM in quite a while but still browse it weekly if not more. I finally have enough stuff completed in real life to be able to sit down and follow a consistent training program so I'm putting up a log here to keep track of everything and get some motivation from some fellow AM peeps.

    Basically I haven't been on a consistent training program since coming down with chicken pox (lol) beginning of July. I've trained here and there since then and just tried to eat clean but I'm currently in the process of opening my open sports performance/training facility in Houston and growing my online training business while keeping my current full time job so training has been on the back burner. I'm now ready to roll with all the major work completed for both projects I have time and now my own gym to get back to work in.

    I decided to screw it and stop messing around with what I want to do and set a goal. I'm going to get back on leaning up and stick with a set diet and routine for at least next 8 weeks. I'm going to run a modified version of the Get Shredded Diet but with a refeed day every week instead of every 2 weeks at least starting out. I'm going to workout 3x a week with one extra day of sprints or flag football since that is starting up soon.

    I hope people follow my log and actually post because I'm going to need some motivation as I really can't seem to stick with a strict diet longer than 3 weeks because I get lazy, hurt, or something pops up.

    Current Stats:

    Weight: 206
    BF%: ~15%
    Maxes were completed during one week while I was in this hiatus at the beginning of August.
    Bench Max: 335
    Squat Max: 450
    DL Max: 540

    I just snapped some crappy ones with cell phone to make sure I got them in today.

    I'll probably retest my maxes every 4 weeks or so to see how much my strength is suffering while on this diet.

    4 Tablets of Douglas Labs Ultra Preventive X - PM
    4 Tablets of Douglas Labs Energy/Sports Multi-Vitamin Formula - AM
    1 Serving Pauling Therapy Cardio-C Powder - AM
    50mg Zinc - PM
    10g Fish Oil - 5AM & 5PM
    5g Creatine Monohydrate - WO/PM
    20g Scivation Extend - WO/PM
    50mg Vyvanse - AM

    6oz liquid egg whites
    1 Scoop Team Skip Protein
    1 Cup Berries
    3 Tablespoons Almond or Peanut Butter

    Fast Food unfortunately with my choices being.

    2 Chargrilled Filets
    1 Side Salad
    1/2 Packet Spicy Dressing
    1oz. Almonds

    Panda Express:
    Side of Mixed Veggies
    Entree of Mandarin Chicken

    Guiltless Chicken Platter (No Rice)
    Side Caesar Salad

    1 Grilled Chicken Breast
    1 Side Green Beans
    1 Side Mean Greens
    (or double green beans if mean greens not available)
    2 oz Almonds

    Taco Cabana:
    Personal Steak Fajitas (no rice, beans, tortillas)
    Small Sour Cream
    Small Guacamole
    1 oz Almonds

    1 Packet of flavored tuna
    1 Packet of kipper snacks
    6oz Snack Carrots
    1 Tbsp Seasoned Olive Oil for Dipping

    20g BCAA's
    5g Creatine

    6oz Chicken/Beef/Pork
    1oz Almonds
    2 Servings Veggies
    1 Tbsp Salad Dressing

    20g BCAAs
    5g Creatine

    I think that is all I really need to post up to get going so away we go!!

  2. Gym session raped me and the guys I'm lifting with today.

    ME Bench day:

    Work up to 2x3-5rm on floor press.

    5x315 and 3x335

    Close Grip Bench Press 5x8-10
    Blast Strap Push-Ups 5x8-12

    10x225, 10x225, 8x225, 8x225, 8x225
    10xBW, 10xBW, 8xBW, 8xBW, 8xBW

    Bent Over Rows 4x10-15

    10x185, 10x185, 10x225, 9x275

    That was it today and we were all dead.

    I don't have any thing really good to eat up at the facility to follow my diet so I'm having 2 packages of kipper snacks, 1 cup berries, 2 tablespoons of natty PB.

  3. Looking good!

    Great to have you back posting. You really bring good info and suggestions to the board.

    Have at it!
    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  4. Workout kicked the crap out of me today.

    200 Meter Run
    Light Dynamic Warm-Up with some 40 yard accelerator runs.

    Started off with 2x3-5 Box Squats off 14" Box.
    5x405, 6x405 (Could have gone heavier but didn't want to push it first full leg day)

    Rack Pulls 2 notches below knees - 3x4-6

    Work sets ended up being 6x455, 5x455, 3x500

    Straight Leg Pull-Thrus 4x10

    Then 40 yard prowler pushes with a turn. Basically 20 yards down and back. 3x with 4 total plates on it.

    I felt like barfing and laid on the turf for about 15 minutes after wards.

    We took some pics for our gallery though and some prowler video that I'll post tomorrow.

    I think the hardest part of the diet will be forcing my self to drink BCAA's during or after the workout as it just can't pound them like protein shakes especially while nauseous.

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