T3 rebound

  1. T3 rebound

    I ran 2 weeks of T3 and clen. Had some good results. Loss about 5lbs and a few inches off the waist. Ran T3 at 50mcg starting off then up to 75 mcg. Ran the clen at 75mcg goin up to 100mcg. I have ran T3 before and did not ramp down and never had a rebound ( I did not ramp down this time ) but this time I look like a pot belly pig. Lol. I've been off now for a week. Reason I came off was I became so lethargic. All I wanted to do was sleep all the time. I jst started 1-T Tren 2 days ago and will be adding back in the T3 at 50 mcg and the clen at 50 mcg In a week for the duration of the 1-T Tren. This time I plan on a ramp up to 75mcg of T3/clen and ramping down.

  2. you lost A FEW inches in 2 weeks time?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  3. Yeahp 2 to be exact. Went from 36 waist to 34. My body responds very well to things.

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