clenbuterol questions??

  1. clenbuterol questions??

    What can anyone tell me about clen??

    I am a lean person and im hard and muscular everywhere...But i have been holding on to blubber around my abdomen and lower back for a couple of years..I COMPLETELY understand diet is the most important ingredient and its in check..I have tried every fat burning supplement out there to help aid me in the results i am looking to achieve and nothing has even came close to doing the trick..I hear alot about clen being more hardcore and almost guaranteeing results.. I am hoping its something that can help me..I weight train and do cardio about 4-5 days a week..I am 195 6'1" - 6'2" size wise i am where i want to be however i DEF NEED to unlock this fat that seems to be lingering around on my lower back and abdomen is more like giggly blubber.

    I fully understand that there is NO magic pill but can someone with knowledge please enlighten me on Clenbuterol??

    I am currently using the asteriod stack and i'm seeing great results in muscle gain, i was wondering also can i stack CLEN with this??

    Your answers would be ever so greatly appreciated!

    Thanks sincerely

  2. a simple search on google will tell you everything there is to know.......

  3. Quote Originally Posted by lennoxchi View Post
    a simple search on google will tell you everything there is to know.......
    Jesus christ! i fully expected to get an answer like that! I have already done my search on google and read evrything..But I am looking for a non bias opinion from some ppl that have actually used it and NOT websites that are trying to promote the selling of the product! Of course they are gonna say its the greatest Freakin thing to ever hit the planet!

    Anyway anyone who has ever used clen care to chime in with possible answers to my questions?? after all what is the point of AM if every time a person asks opinions you get answers like "google it"..That is the first thing I'm sure everyone does..But AM is suppossed to be a place to share knowledge & experiences with ppl who have tried it. Am I right??!!


  4. Upcoming Clen Cycle there are a lot more examples of clen runs on this board that will answer your questions. click the advanced search button, type in clen and choose threads with at least 20 replies. that will help. the fact is some like clen and some do not. sounds like you've never taken it, so you won't know til you do......hope that helped a bit mopre than my first thread which suggested you do some research. the reason for that is as i've already stated, you do not know if your going to like it or get positive benefits from it til you do it. a million people could come on here saying its great and you might still hate it once you try it. i do know this, it's worth taking and trying. just be responceable with the doses and you'll be fine.

  5. Thank you...I think I may try it...Also I have read alot about topical fat loss solutions on these threads...In your opinion are they legit? do they really work locally? Sounds like a bunch of magical houdini bs..But truthfuly i wouldnt know cause ive never done it..But if it can help with unlocking the fat on my lower abs and sides that i just can not get rid of then i may try that as well...the ones i hear about are napalm and eviscerate...what do you think? as you can tell my main goal is to keep my muscle but just lose fat in those areas..I just wont my abs back!!! waaaaiiiiinnaaaa :*(



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