CKD, Keto, Cycling, Low Cal?? HELP ME OUT!!!!!

  1. CKD, Keto, Cycling, Low Cal?? HELP ME OUT!!!!!

    Hey guys, it seems like there is so many ways of eating I dont know which is best anymore? I went from 255 to 200 by eating right and using P90x and now I have took some time off and am around 208-210 and would love to get cut down to about 185-190ish, but I dont know which is better. To cut the last 20 lbs or so I have to lose what do you guys suggest. Which diet would be the best to lose as much fat fast without sacrificing all my muscle I have built?? If it helps at all I am 6'1, 25 yrs old, and built pretty solid, just have some flab around that is hard to get rid of.

  2. I have had good results using CKD. I started it when I had a broken hand and wasn't able to do as much. First thing you need to do is determine how many calories you need to maintain your weight. No matter what diet plan you use, if you eat too much, you won't get the results. You need to eat 200-500 cals less than that number. The CKD typically calls for 70% fat and 30% protein. Start with 1g protein per LEAN pound of bodyweight. Multiply that by 4 to get protein calories and subtract that from your total. The remaining number will be fat calories so divide that by 9 to get the number of grams of fat. Keep carbs less than 30 just trace carbs from nuts, PB, and broccoli or green veggies.

    Don't eat crap meat like sausage, hot dogs, crap with lots of fat and no real nutrition. Eat quality meat, chicken,turkey, beef, pork chops, and get most of your fat from EVOO. And don't forget fiber, sugar free psyllium or I use powdered inulin fiber too. Trust me, you don't want to get backed up for 3 days. Eat no carbs for first two weeks. Then the second saturday do your carb up. Lower the fat to very low, eat your protein requirements, and lots of quality carbs. I prefer to carb just saturday, some say 36 hrs. But anything over 300-400 carbs is too much for me. You can check some of my other posts I recently wrote about what happens with weight fluctuation during carb up.

    As far as training, if you like P90X and got results, why not keep at it.

  3. Hey man thanks for ur reply. So the carb up is just every two weeks. Is there a reason that it's better that way than every week? Or is that just the basic gudeline u follow?

  4. The first carb up should not be until the second weekend. The reason is to get your body "switched" to burning ketones for fuel. Keep all carbs under 30 grams until then. Then each subsequent carb up can be every weekend. Some people have done them every two weeks. It just depends on your body and how you can handle the workouts on low carbs. If you feel ok enough to do it every two, then fine. If not, do it every week.

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