ABCDE Diet, dangerous?

  1. ABCDE Diet, dangerous?

    Basicly it is 2 weeks of heavy bulking, and then 2 new weeks of strict diet. And then it repeats for many months..

    My question is, could this be dangerous? I have a friend who says he's gonna try it, and i think it sounds really unhealthy. According to him it is supposed to be like the ultimate fatloss and muscle building diet at the same time. Of course my oppinion doesn't matter to him

  2. sounds pretty unhealthy. most programs that focus on "extremes" tend to be unhealthy, if not dangerous..

    seems like the program is catering towards those people that have no self-control and want to binge for two weeks. Anyone on this board is going to tell you, you can do a helluva lot more damage in 2 weeks of uncontrolled eating, than you ever could repair in 2 weeks of "clean" eating.

    moreover, the giant shift from crap eating to great eating in itself is catabolic.

    you want to go from 5k calories to a deficit overnight? i don't think the body is going to like that.

  3. some people do 3 days low cal followed by 2-3 days of maintenance( and maybe just a little above) followed by 3 days of low cal. your body naturally slows your metabolism down in a prolonged deficit, which is why after 3 days [ before your body can adapt ] you go back up to mainteance and keep your metabolism elevated.

    its called zig zagging. tom venuto is a big fan of it. . he writes about it in his e-book '' burn the fat , feed the muscle ''
    For me, the action IS the juice.

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