VPDMAN's Recomping into H-Drol cycle....Maybe CLEN????

  1. VPDMAN's Recomping into H-Drol cycle....Maybe CLEN????

    Hey guys I just ordered some supps enough for an H-Drol cycle. Im about to order some Tamox from a research chem site. Im looking to start recomping before I start my cycle. I want to be down to about 11% bf before i start.


    Weight: 170
    Height: 5'8
    BF% 14~15
    Maintenance Cals: 2,861

    My Questions:
    Should I include CLEN on my pre-cycle recomp? I've never used CLEN before and I've done some research on it but am not certain what I could expect from it before an Hdrol cycle. I also know CLEN is no Miracle Drug, but with the right diet it works amazing.

    I'll Be doing HIIT but was wondering how many times I should be doing it a week normally and while on CLEN and while ON Hdrol cycle?

    And lastly what do you guys think about its safety vs results? I researched it and if used wrong it can be brutal. Please chime in with your opinions. The more I get the better.

  2. id use ECA stack. if you want more power double the E dose. i take 50mg of E no problem
    or get albuterol

  3. Yeah I've heard a lot about ECA. I'll look it up now. Any opinions about clen?

  4. Just looked up Albuterol also. It seems to also use the Beta 2 receptors.

  5. Clen seems to make me feel out of breath easily. Whereas ECA makes me want to go the extra distance.

  6. Anyone know what I should google to find ephedrine? I've looking at the ussual Research chem sites and can't find it.

    And any input as far as HIIT???


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