cardio without breakfast?

  1. cardio without breakfast?

    I'm not trying to lose weight, but I'm not trying to bulk either, so I just chose this forum to ask the question I have in. I'm trying to get bigger while staying lean. So I'm eating 500 calories over maintenance level which is about 3500 and I'm keeping my carbs to a minimal and also eating most of them in the morning and lunch. My question is should I wake up and do cardio with nothing in my stomach to cut fat? Or would this be bad for muscle gain even though I only do cardio on non-lifting days? My normal habit has been to eat oatmeal and either eggs or a half bagel with peanut butter on it, so I have always had a substantial amount of calories for breakfast usually from 600-900.

  2. 4k calories and not trying to bulk? 172 pounds? you've got to be active as heck. i recomped at 3800 calories, and i'm very active and outweigh you by a bit, and my metabolism is supposed to be fairly high.


  3. I'm sorry I didn't write that out correctly, 3500 calories includes 500 over maintenance, and actually maintenance is like 2950 or something but I just rounded it to 3000. I am 21 also so that plays a part in my metabolism. But besides my actual workouts I am not very active at all(as in no physical work at a job or anything, im in school)

  4. so from what i gather, you're lean bulking, and trying to make sure you don't gain much fat. with regards to fasted cardio, you may want to consider getting a bcaa blend - LG and Universal make them, and they're quite cheap on a supplement basis.

    bcaa's will make sure your body doesn't start scavenging energy from your muscles. remember that the body would much rather have some energy stores, and will attempt to ditch muscle first. alternatively, if your cardio is relatively short, and your normal protein intake is high, you may not need to supplement bcaa's.

  5. suncloud ,

    not to hijack this thread or anything, but i am interested in recomping how do u go about it personally?

  6. Im also interested about the recomping.

    I am at 14% bf and trying to get down to 11% or so by end of September and then start an H-Drol cycle. From where I will continue to recomp to 8% over the next couple of months.

    Im 5'8, 170lbs at the age of 21 any ideas of what my maintenance should be?

    Also a student like Illgixxer.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by vpdman View Post
    Im 5'8, 170lbs at the age of 21 any ideas of what my maintenance should be?
    need bf % to calculate.

  8. Tru. I just looked it all up and my maintenance is at 2,861 cals. Im thinking about staying at this.


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