Allergic reaction to clenbuterol?

  1. Allergic reaction to clenbuterol?

    Ok so this is what happened I finished my lipo6 bottle on Aug. 8, took benadryl at night to clean up the beta-2 receptors. The next morning i mixed .25ml of clen (50mcg) and mixed it with one pump of napalm and rubbed it on my mid-section. I did the same dosage that evening. Next day I tapered up to .50ml of clen (100mcg) and one pump of napalm, again once in the morning and once in the evening. I did that same dosage for the next day as well.

    I thought I've received a bunk bottle since I didnt feel anything at all, didnt see any changes to my mid-section. So on Aug. 11, I took .50ml of clen (100mcg) and one pump of napalm ON TOP of that I took .50ml of clen (100mcg) ORALLY! DAMN I FELT THE SIDE EFFECTS, I was getting all jittery, hands shaking, heard my heart POUNDING btw throughout the day I had 90 bpm.

    Next morning I woke up I was SO HAPPY, i noticed there is less fat in my mid-section. BUT DAMN I'm gettong hives on my back! You guys think I'm dosing too high or could this be an allergic reaction? I mean when I was apply clen topically nothing happened until I started dosing it orally. I don't want to stop taking it, now I know this stuff can make me look ripped :S.

    What are your thoughts brothas?


  2. First thing that comes to mind is stop taking it orally, and see if the hives disappear.

    Everyone reacts differently to different compounds.

  3. thanks for the advice.

  4. like i say "only girly man worry about vital organs"
    in all seriousness umm it dosent seem so bad i got a lil rash on my clen cycle after week one was done rash dissapeared so it may be a temporary things

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