RPN DCP Vs Slim Xt??

  1. RPN DCP Vs Slim Xt??

    Hey guys im a bit strapped for cash and i can only get one. which one would be best for overall fat burning, good metabolism support and appetie suppression??

    Thanks Alot Guys
    P.s. ive also got an t5 stack so which one would complement this!?

  2. my vote is for Slim Xt

  3. Quote Originally Posted by StormBull1 View Post
    my vote is for Slim Xt
    theres SLIM XT then there is everything else....
  4. jim623
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    Hmmm, not sure what t5 is.

    But for all out appetite suppression, a supercharged metabolism, and fat incineration, SlimX is the one.

  5. Slim Xtreme


  6. SlimX if you had to choose one... what is t5?


  7. t5 is an ECA stack.

    Usually 50mg eph per dose.

  8. Too me they are two different kinds of fat burners. Both excellent.

    The choice would come down to what your looking for in the supplement.

    SX is an awesome supplement. It will destroy your appetite, and leave you feeling like you have endless energy. Which sometimes isn't always a good thing. Sometimes at night I'm relaxed, but my mind is racing.

    I've gone through like six bottles of DCP. My optimal dosage is 9-10 caps. $$ adds up fast. Its a fantastic repartitioning burner. Its a fat burner you could use while bulking to minimize fat gain. I didn't experience the energy , and the app suppression of SX.
    If you notice some DCP specials, its stacked with a stim. DCP/Leviathan Reloaded are a great combo.

    If $$ wasn't an issue, I would love to stack DCP with SX.

  9. What is DCP ???

  10. Quote Originally Posted by StormBull1 View Post
    What is DCP ???

  11. Quote Originally Posted by TheGunslinger View Post
    t5 is an ECA stack.

    Usually 50mg eph per dose.
    Oh nice... well I certainly would not stack ephedra with slimx... ever. Way too stimulating and most likely will cause you some problems. On the other hand, you could run on for 1 month and the other for the following month. I would suggest ephedra the first month and slimx the second...

    SlimX is best for appetite suppression, so the further along you are in your diet and less food you are eating, the more beneficial you may find it. And as long as the T5 product contains real ma huang ephedra, 50mg a day should be fine and will definitely help you strip that initial fat off



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