Check dosing please

  1. Check dosing please

    Just got my fat loss stack together, and as you can see i'm going balls to the wall.....

    here's my proposed dosing;

    Lean Xtreme - 3 x daily = 1 on waking, 1 four hours later, one before evening workout or if not training, then with evening meal

    DTHC -3 x 2 ED; 2 in morning, 15mins b4 breakfast, 2 4 hours later, 15 mins b4 a meal, then 2 15 mins before meal at about 6pm.

    DCP - 3 x 2 ED; 2 on waking, 2 30 mins b4 midday meal, 2 b4 evening meal or if training, 2 before training. Possibly 1 each evening before bed - heard a few people have improved results with this.

    Glycobol - 2 x 2 ED, each dose 30mins b4 AM meal and PM meal containing 50gms carbs

    ECA = first week 1 x ed on waking before cardio, after 1st week 2xED, 2nd dose early afternoon. 6 days on, 1 off, to give the receptors a bit of a break

    CLA - 10g day taken with meals

    chromium picolinate w/ 3 meals

    Sesapure - 3x 2 ED, each dose with a meal

    5 htp (100 mg before bed)

    All combined with carb cycling I hope to take off 20-25 lbs in a month(the weight is there to lose) . I know it won't all be fat but that's my aim. My only worry is a drop in strength which i need like a kick in the bollocks.

    I have a few questions though:-

    -would zma b4 bed be overkill, considering i'll be taking DTHC?

    -Can i take the DCP, ECA and lean xtreme at the same time in the morning all before fasted cardio?

    -are there any incompatibility issues with this stack?

    -Would reset AD complement this stack, making the ECA more effective by any chance?

    Anything else i haven't thought of here? All opinions welcome

  2. Thats a helluva lot of supps its all good just make sure diet in check or it will be a waste.

  3. It will be. i either do something 100% or not at all. anyone else want to critique this? specifically the questions at the bottom of the post?

  4. i at least partially question the combination of CLA, sesamin and DCP all together. I recall some conversation about it a while back about them competing. I'll have to try and find it.

  5. too many healthy fats that interact badly? would be interested in knowing what the problem would be. I'm starting this tomorrow so if you find out then please post!

  6. it was more a question of one's mechanism of action disturbing or being competitive with the other, but i'll need to hunt for the details. And I could be misremembering too

  7. ok, please do


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