WOOHOO Cheat Day

  1. WOOHOO Cheat Day

    Yesterday was all planned out for me. Me and the boy walked around the mall for a few hours and I cashed in a coupon and got a 5lb jug of whey for $13. So what was my next move after all this healthy activity? Well, wife is overseas so Valentine's dinner was out and I called the pizza joint on the way home and ate the whole damned large pepperoni pie in one sitting. Damn, I love cheat day. Not only is it good for one's sanity, but it's good to spike your body every now and then when the diet is square. But damn did I slam that pie and damnit if I don't love cheat day.

  2. pizza the absolute worst best tasting invention ever

  3. mines tomorrow. been on low carbs & fats for 6 days now & tomorrow is an "anything" day

    had one a week ago and felt fat & bloated all day but the following day i was full, hard and stomach was back to normal.

    cheat days are necessary for mental AND physical health IMO.


  4. I know your avatar is good for physical health, that's for sure!


  5. hahaha PIZZA is GOOD!!

    cheat day best!!!!


  6. Quote Originally Posted by SwoleCat
    I know your avatar is good for physical health, that's for sure!

    i know. she's hot eh!!!

    here's another favorite

  7. ^^ Damn She Is Hott


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