Question about Ephedrine -

Question about Ephedrine

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    Question about Ephedrine

    I bought some of the Bronkaid from Walgreens and I looked at the box and I saw something called Guaifenesin(400mg per pill) what is that? and is it okay to take?

    Someone gave me a sample of Lipodrene and it has 25mg ephedra extract

    What is the difference between ephedra extract and ephedrine sulfate(bronkaid)?

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    Guaifenesin is an expectorant. It's used to thin mucous secretions. Most people that take bronkaid need it for COPD, the guaifenesin helps thin out all the mucous in the chest and the epehedrine helps open up the airways (ephedrine is a non-selective beta agonist, which is why it stimulates the heart as well as the lungs).
    Ephedra was taken off the market due to adverse cardiovascular events (heart attacks). I'll let other people give you advice about which to take since I take neither.

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