clen not working after 3 days? no way receprot already done? pls help

  1. clen not working after 3 days? no way receprot already done? pls help

    i have benn takin clen for 3 days almosty on 100mcg 2x perday i dont feel anything! in the beginning i did but now nothing. alos i think it was miss labeled with albuterol since clen is suppose to stay in ur body active for a while i only feel my clen active for a 3-4hour period then everything is gone again.

    another question i got is when does clen's anabolic effect kick in???? after the 1st 2 weeks?

  2. you are taking 200mcg clen a day? You will die....

    the side affects only last a few hours but it continues to work throughout the day! You're an idiot... if you would stick to the suggested dosage and finished a 2 week cycle you would notice the results in weight loss. The anabolic effect of clen is very noticable in animals and slightly noticeable in humans after 6 weeks...

  3. um, lots of people take 200mcg orally a day.

    its a high dose, but not crazy.

    also, alot of people have a racing heart most of the day and have trouble sleeping because the thermo effect lasts so long. which is why he is asking....

    why are you attacking him like that?
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  4. yah but i would assume i would feel something at like 150-ish per day but almost nothing. i am 210 and in past i used to tamper with ECA (4-5months ago maybe 6) so receptors should be fresh, but still. i would think atleast some kind of E effect, yes i get nothing. is ti ok to go higer then 200mcg?

  5. maybe try taking a week break from the clen, and during that week take benadryl every night.

    then try again.
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  6. Also, you do not need to "feel it" for it to work. I have had good results with clen, the feeling only lasted the first couple days. Your body gets used to clen fast. Just watch diet and do 2 weeks. Then take benadryl for your 2 weeks off. You will definately notice the weightloss. Good luck buddy.

  7. off topic, is that really u and ur girl (pregnant)

  8. if so congrats!!!!!

    and thanks for your input another great help who has been helping me throuhg PM is crazychemist very knowledgable dude

  9. Yeah that is me and my wife. this was me at 215 or so. I used to weigh 315. That baby is 15 months old now though.

  10. Slow and steady dose works best

  11. 315???? hjmmm u lost 100lbs by the pic nice, ya so far the clen is working, probably best fat burner result wise, kinda leaves me weak during exercise and low of energy cuz im out of breath but good results love it sooo far

  12. I lost most weight with diet and exercise. Mostly when I quit drinking beer... Beer leads to late night snacking and getting really fat. After I dropped 70 or so I started using ephedrine based products, (ones before ban) and they helped get me over the hump. Now I am having trouble gaining muscle without fat. I have no will power. I see food I want it.

    My first cycle of clen I lost 10 pounds in the 2 weeks. But I put it all back on while on vacation last month. Now I am back in the game. Trying to use only diet and training so it will be a lasting change.

  13. like i dont care what ppl say, CLEN IS THE **** mani never used a fat burner thats soo effective i lost soo much around my waist area almost one week in wooow way more then ECA/HDX2/LeanFX stack. though i did notice hyperdrol helped alot so im thinkin of soon stacking it in this clen cycle

  14. I keep reading about this clen stuff but can't find anywhere that's not shady to get it..

  15. research chemical sites have it for your experiments. It really worked on my project. I have no complaints.

  16. arts and crafts!

  17. So what dosages of clen are you sitting at right now, Jay?

  18. 100mcg morning around 80 mcg before workout 45min

  19. roughly....... i use a dropper

  20. Quote Originally Posted by jay21 View Post
    100mcg morning around 80 mcg before workout 45min
    Yeah, that dose was effective for me yesterday, too.

    One more question, I read the active life of clen can be up to 68 hours. Does this mean I have to dose it eod or e3d, or can I take it ed? Lastly, should it be cycled two weeks to give the beta 2 recepters a break and upregulate them with benadryl for a couple weeks then go back? Cause I read cycling ECA/clen doesn't work, since both the ephedrine and clen both target the beta-2 recepters.

  21. just does everyday. thats what i do. 2x a day. i am like not feeling clen at all anymore after 1 week? maybe receptor already burned out. ........ im on benedryl nxt week so ill report more

  22. Did you break from the clen while running the benadryl this week?

    I've been taking benadryl the last week before bed and still taking the clen before AM cardio - I read you can upregulate the receptors while still using the beta-2 agonist.

    Still, some days it feels like it's a hit or a miss; I'll either feel it or I won't. I'm beginning to question the potentcy of these research chems.

  23. thanks for input but problem was solved thanks though


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