So I have a weight loss competition at work, I need your help!

  1. So I have a weight loss competition at work, I need your help!

    So yeah I have this weight loss competition at work, one of the ones where you put in a certain amount of money and the winner gets the pot. Anyway its a twelve week thing, and Monday will be the third week. My initial weigh in was 264. Week one I lost 4 pounds, week two I stayed the same, but its no surprise since I was eating absolute ****.

    My issue isnt really the working out....its the eating. On the weekends I do 6 HIIT intervals followed by jump rope, and random conditioning. Mon/Wed/Fri I do weights, followed by 20-30 min. light cardio. And Tues and Thurs extended cardio(60+ minutes).

    Anyway....I was thinking about doing two weeks of the V-diet, but I'm thinking that should be the last two weeks. Until then just clean up my eating. Most likely one of those V-diet shakes for breakfast since I'm usually pressed for time, and most likely one before bed to try to stop by binging(I think they call it the V-diet light?).

    However, during the day is where I'm lost. What's good to eat? Can you guys recommend me some specific bread brands that are good? What snacks are good? Pastas? Pasta sauce? etc..?

  2. Since I'm at it I'll reserve this for a log......

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    First, from what I've read and personal experience, you need an off day between HIIT sessions. I've dropped from just over 20% bf to 14.26% in under 12 weeks. I've not been in the position of needing to lose weight, I just wanted to trade fat for muscle, and combined with my lifting, it's worked perfectly.

    Second, (this may get me some flack) a male friend of mine has had smooth and sweet success with the Jenny Craig men's program. Some may disagree, but I have seen the progress first hand. Successful lasting weight loss is largely about the glycemic index factor. He knows he'll have to be diligent with a healthy diet afterward, but age 44 and 6', I've watched him drop from 278 to 235 in under 3 months. He's doing 3 intense HIIT sessions a week and lifting alternate days. He said he really hungry between meals and at night the first week, but not since then. Remember, it's worth it.

    Good luck to you.

  4. Jenny Craig huh? I've honestly never even thought of that, definitely gonna look into it.

    As for the HIIT, howcome not do them two days in a row? Would doing them Tues/Thurs/Sat with a rest on Sunday be better? And just skip the 60+ minutes of cardio?
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    From what I understand, the JCraig program is designed around the glycemic index. My bud said that he's lost much faster and easier than with conventional carb/caloric decrease diet efforts.

    Believe me, I felt the gain so well, that I'd have done it daily and for longer than the 20 minutes as directed had it not been for reading over and over that the off day is as critical as the on day. As to why, it's about adaptivity. When done daily, our bodies decide "hey, this is now the norm for me" so it adapts and the effect is lessened quickly. Also, remember to alternate forms of exercise every 3 - 4 weeks. Sprints on treadmill and jumping rope are my fav's.

    HIIT is now my only form of cardio. What I do is this:

    *5 minute warmup at moderate pace
    *spike heart rate as FAST as possible (I sprint at 8.5 mph)
    *immediately drop heart back off to near resting (walk at 1 mph)
    *spike heart rate again, hold for 30 sec before backing off (increase to 40 sec hold week 2, 60 sec hold week 3 and forward. It feels great.)
    *back off to near resting again
    *20 min. sessions, including warmup

    It sounded too good to be true that I could accomplish more in three 20 min. sessions than in 60 min steady rate cardio sessions 5-6 times per week, but now I'm a believer. These are the 2 most helpful articles I found on HIIT.

  6. WOW thanks for those links! I tried the HIIT on the stairs like they recommended.....HOLY ****!!!!! So fun

  7. i second the need for breaks in HIIT. 6x over 2 days is too much for you. every other day would work very well. diet will net half your gains/losses, so getting that under control is a very important step. in order for HIIT to be effective, switch out all your fast digesting carbs for slow ones - whole grains, whole wheats, brown rice, sweet potatos, etc. stay away from sugars and white grains/bread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmbow View Post
    WOW thanks for those links! I tried the HIIT on the stairs like they recommended.....HOLY ****!!!!! So fun
    I challenge you to stick with it for 4 weeks. If you are not head-over-heels hooked, I'll be surprised. Let us know how your competition goes.

  9. cut out all white foods. pastas. breads. potatoes. drink at least 1 gallon of water per day. take your body weight and multiply by 10 and eat that many calories. the day before your last weigh in stop drinking water so you piss out all the water in your body and youll drop extra weight as well


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