Getting out of a rut...

  1. Getting out of a rut...

    How do you do it???

    I have been dieting too long, I am probably 10% or below but want to lose that last bit of fat.

    My diet now is 2400-2500 cals. basically 300ish protein, 150-200 carbs and low fat. I just keep my foods clean, carbs low and refeed by need, want or whatever with a cheat meal 2-3 times a week rather than a refeed day.

    Training is just in a run since the results are slow now. I really feel LOW reps are best for cutting ( I know I will have to end up explaining all the reasons why) and cant friggin stand cardio.

    Mentally, what can I do to get a kick start? any ideas or motivation or tricks to switch it up?

  2. just a guess bro because I think i'm going to be in your shoes too soon.

    I got to around 8-10% bodyfat and got stuck there last time around, so during this bulk i've brainstormed what can break that plateau..

    First thing is I want to diet at higher calories, so I've eaten more this offseason so my metabolism SHOULD be higher. I think you have that covered, dieting at 2500 calories is pretty high, though I don't know your height/weight.

    the second thing is mixing the cardio. I was thinking of doing 3-4 sessions of HIIT weekly, but I don't want to stick with the same stuff. I want to vary them constantly, so for example sprinting at the track, running up/down hills, pushing a car (layne norton), or even swimming. Perhaps a different one each time. basically taking the same principle for resistance excercise (muscle confusion) and applying it to cardio HIIT.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by justreading View Post
    cant friggin stand cardio.

    learn to love it. u cant reach really low bf levels without it. i mean have u ever heard of a pro who didnt do cardio pre contest?!

  4. I'm sure you've played some kind of sports some time in your life. Do your cardio by training for that sport. Good example if football. get an agility ladder and some cones and google football agility training, it gets your heart rate high, you'll be changing direction fast so it keeps your head in it. Plus your calves will be burning.

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